I’m delighted to announce I’ve been cast in two fantastic shows performing in the Bay Area this Fall! From October to November, I’ll be back at Ray of Light Theatre, playing the role of Jan-the-Unnamed — a blind, prophetic narrator-type — in the West Coast premiere of YEAST NATION, a new musical from the writers who brought us the Tony Award-winning URINETOWN. Then, from November to December, I’ll be starring in the Ethel Merman-originated role of Blossom Hart in 42nd Street Moon’s production of SOMETHING FOR THE BOYS, a zany 1940s Cole Porter classic. Can’t wait to get started on both of these projects!

Yeast Nation

Ray of Light teams up with Greg Kotis and Mark Hollmann, the brains behind the smash-hit URINETOWN, to develop the West Coast premiere of this bizarrely hilarious rock musical. In the year 3,000,458,000 B.C., the salt-eating yeasts are the only living creatures on earth, and they’re up against a food shortage, a strange new emotion called “love” and the oppression of a tyrannical king. When the king’s dreamer of a son ventures out of the known yeastiverse, the yeasts’ story – and ours – is changed forever.


“This is the rare satire that knows exactly what it’s doing and commits to it.”  — New York Times


“When you’ve stopped laughing from this yeast infection, you can tap your toes and clap your hands to a wholly lovable score.”  — Chicago Tribune


Runs from October 1st through November 1st at the Victoria Theatre in San Francisco. Visit RAYOFLIGHTHEATRE.COM for tickets and more info!

42nd Street Moon

A special “20th Anniversary” production of one of 42nd Street Moon’s earliest hits – the hilarious Cole Porter farce SOMETHING FOR THE BOYS. Take three unlikely cousins reunited on a ranch in San Antonio, add a character who receives radio signals in her fillings, sprinkle with WWII spirit and a dash of fabulous Porter music, and you’ve got a blockbuster! The great songs include “The Leader of a Big-Time Band”; “Something for the Boys”; “Could it be You?”; “Hey, Good Lookin'”; “By the Mississinewah”; and “He’s a Right Guy”.


Playing from November 26th to December 14th at the Eureka Theatre in San Francisco. Visit 42NDSTREETMOON.ORG for tickets and more info!