Heather to Make Feinstein’s Debut with BROADWAY BINGO on August 13th!

Broadway Bingo

They’re back! More showtunes, more trivia and GUEST STARS! Plus video clips!

In the lovely Feinstein’s show room, BROADWAY BINGO! returns, with KATYA SMIRNOFF-SKYY and JOE WICHT as your genial hosts (and tormentors). Plus, their VJ Miles provides audio/video trivia to keep you on your toes.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 13th‘s Broadway Bingo! features two of San Francisco’s best belters: HEATHER ORTH and JESSICA COKER. Yes, the two voices that ripped the roof off in Carrie: The Musical are teaming up for Feinstein’s return to Bingo-land!

Located inside the Hotel Nikko at 222 Mason Street in San Francisco. Tickets are $15, and the venue has a $15 food and drink minimum. Ages 15 and over.

Buy your tickets here, and join us for a rollicking night of food, drink, trivia, and song!