For Grey Gardens at The Custom Made Theatre Co.

Women Aging Gracefully —  Or Not:

…Orth’s performance in Grey Gardens is a stunning artistic achievement, made even more powerful by the intimacy of the performance space and the rock-solid power of Orth’s voice. … [She] is a force of nature whose performance no one should miss. — George Heymont, My Cultural Landscape

Custom Made Theatre Company Brings a Grey Garden to their already Gothic stage:

It’s hard to say enough about how much Heather Orth brings to this show. Her voice is strong and clear, expertly handling the serious emotional songs as well as the light and frothy comic numbers. … It’s truly a star turn for Orth. — Matt Bratko,

‘Grey Gardens’ a colorful portrait of two fascinating women:

Here the actor [who plays both Edies] is the formidable Heather Orth… [Orth and Mary Gibboney] turn Act 2 into a heartbreaking contrapuntal aria of shattered dreams and lost opportunities. — Robert Sokol, The San Francisco Examiner

‘Grey Gardens: The Musical’ at Custom Made Theatre Company:

[Orth and Gibboney] are simultaneously heart breaking and funny, and the depiction of their gothic nightmare is chilling, bizarre and wildly entertaining. — Charles Kruger,

Grey Gardens:

Heather Orth gives a flawless performance in the dual role… — Richard Connema, Talkin Broadway

Blue Skies Shine Over Dark Subject Matter in SF’s “Grey Gardens” Musical:

At the core of the show’s success is Heather Orth. …she takes on the role of Edie with gusto. — Kevin M. Thomas,

For Carrie at Ray of Light Theatre

Riveting Arias in Former Flop:

…well anchored by…a formidible Heather Orth as [Carrie’s] frighteningly religious mother. … Whenever Orth assails her heights of religiosity, solo or in duets with [Cristina] Oeschger, this “Carrie” is riveting. — Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle

Well I’ll Be Dipped in Pig’s Blood — CARRIE Lives:

…this Ray of Light production has two magnificent actors to carry the show, and that counts for a whole lot. Heather Orth is Margaret White, Carrie’s religious fanatic mother, and she electrifies the stage. — Chad Jones, theaterdogs

“Carrie the Musical” Savors the Sweet Sound of Revenge:

Heather Orth, as Margaret White, is captivating. Her deft physical acting, coupled with a clear and seasoned soprano, brings the essence of Carrie’s mother to the stage. Her wounded vacillation between care and abuse proves a perfect backdrop for Carrie’s growing powers throughout both acts. — Meg Elison, The Daily Californian

SF’s Musical “Carrie” More Than Worthy To Take To Prom:

Heather Orth is a strong Margaret White… Her towering voice pierces even the hearts of the Victoria Theatre’s back row when she finds the emotional core of “When There’s No One.” …performance-wise the show is made by [Cristina] Oeschger, Orth and [Jessica] Coker, whose voices kick ass at every turn, elevating to the show to a higher sphere. — Kevin M. Thomas,

Resurrections ‘R Us:

Heather Orth…delivers a solidly-crafted, emotionally complex, and beautifully sung portrayal of Carrie’s delusional mother… — George Heymont, My Cultural Landscape

CARRIE: The Musical Gets New Life by Ray of Light Theatre:

Heather Orth gives a magnificent performance with the operatic arias of “Eve Was Weak” and “Evening Prayers.” Her duets with [Cristina] Oeschger are mesmerizing and spine chilling. — Kedar K. Adour, For All Events

There Won’t Be Blood:

The highlight of the musical is the duet “Eve Was Weak,” sung by Carrie and her ultra-religious mother, Margaret White. Heather Orth plays Margaret, and she has a larger than life presence, and a powerful voice. … The scenes between them are the musical’s strongest… — Rain Jokinen, San Francisco Appeal

Carrie, Back From the Dead Again:

The voices are strong, in particular Heather Orth as mother Margaret White… — Frank H. Wu, Huffington Post San Francisco

For Gypsy at Broadway by the Bay

She’s Got It: San Francisco gambles and wins with 27-year-old Rose:

The dramatic range Orth brought to the part was simply astonishing, and she sang the role superbly. … Orth took her character through an emotional arc that escalated beautifully to the pinnacle of “Rose’s Turn.” It was a performance to savor… — Robert Sokol, The Sondheim Review

Redeeming Gypsy with Broadway by the Bay:

Virtually all of the Roses I’ve seen fall on one side or the other. If she’s entirely craven and grasping, Herbie is reduced to a third wheel who has no integrity of his own as a character. If she has too much appeal, the spark that drives the show fails to ignite. Heather Orth played this right down the middle, enjoying a playfully charged banter with Herbie, yet revealing a chilling black-widow-spider self with the ironic “Everything’s Coming up Roses” and “Rose’s Turn.” Orth brought both of these sides to the audience, creating a multi-dimensional Rose, unlike any other. Orth gives us a Rose with a life force and imagination that is just as powerful as her self deception. Kali-like she destroys and creates. — Cy Ashley Webb, StarkInsider

Tales of Maternal Monsters:

[Heather Orth] gives a powerhouse performance that demands an audience’s attention and respect. —George Heymont, My Cultural Landscape

Production of ‘Gypsy’ in Redwood City Well Worth Seeing:

…as played by the mesmerizing Heather Orth in Broadway by the Bay’s production of “Gypsy” at the Fox Theatre in Redwood City, your eyes are glued to [Rose] from the moment she barrels down the aisle. …it’s Orth’s two standout solos that stay with you the longest. She just knocks it out of the ballpark with “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” and the poignant “Roses’s Turn.” — Joanne Engelhardt, The San Mateo County Times

GYPSY a solid hit at Broadway by the Bay:

The star is Heather Orth exuding all the chutzpah that defines stage mothers. She backs up that image with a superb voice that fills the Fox Theatre and never misses a note. She brings the house down with her plaintive finale “Rose’s Turn.” — Kedar K Adour, For All Events

Local company’s “Gypsy” a triumph:

The entire musical is carried by Heather Orth…and she brings [Rose] to life beautifully. … Orth’s performance is one that will be difficult to match. — Jen Nowell, The Palo Alto Daily Post

An entertaining production of Gypsy:

Heather Orth superbly played the formidable lady named Rose, the archetypal stage mother of Gypsy Rose Lee. She made the role her own. … Heather sang the songs with metallic pleasure and brought down the house with “Rose’s Turn”… — Richard Connema,

“Gypsy”: Let them entertain you:

Heather Orth is a formidable Rose. She hits her marks and belts the Styne-Sondheim songs with authority and clear delivery. … Orth’s timing and energy carry the role with a strong, well-trained voice. — Camille Bounds, Gilroy Dispatch

ARTICLE: Theatre Is a Family Affair; Mother, Daughter Team Up for Broadway by the Bay’s GYPSY

For Gypsy at Sierra Repertory Theatre

Star talent drives Sierra Rep’s “Gypsy”:

The success of any production of the musical “Gypsy” depends on who plays Mama Rose. … Sierra Repertory Theatre has found that special talent in Heather Orth, the magnetic star of its season-opening production. Her performance Sunday afternoon was so stunning that it was shock to read she is still a student… — Lisa Millegan Renner, The Modesto Bee

Fine players give “Gypsy” a lift:

[Heather Orth] is strong as nails, and sings beautifully. — Mike Taylor, The Sierra Lodestar

For Carousel at Sierra Repertory Theatre

Sierra Rep rides high on “Carousel”:

Heather Orth’s voice soars above the rest. … [She] sets the tears to forming as she laments Billy in “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” It’s sad, but but somehow very uplifting and Orth’s strong voice infuses every syllable with emotion. — Mike Taylor, The Sierra Lodestar

Take a spin on SRT’s “Carousel”:

Heather Orth’s lovely, powerful voice convinces you that indeed “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” — Patricia Harrelson, The Union Democrat

“Carousel”, show #271:

Orth brings the audience a very sweet sounding “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” which is a wonderful tribute to her vocal strengths. — Marc Gonzalez, The Road to 1,000

For Cinderella at Sierra Repertory Theatre

SRT’s “Cinderella” is a dream come true:

As played by Heather Orth, the wicked stepmother is certainly not one dimensional. Yes, she is domineering, scheming and mean-spirited. But she is also witty, perceptive and surprisingly vulnerable. Expect the unexpected when she is onstage. — Kathie Isaac-Luke, The Union Democrat

Cast makes up for missing magic:

In the hands of Heather Orth, [the Stepmother is] a scene-stealing Cruella de Vil with a penchant for posture and a lust for attention. Orth chews up the scenery with every turn and gives the audience much to laugh about. It’s a tricky performance, part melodramatic spoof and part pure evil personified. — Mike Taylor, The Sierra Lodestar

Sierra Rep’s ‘Cinderella’ fun for the whole family:

The most fun performers to watch on stage by far are Heather Orth as the hilariously wicked stepmother and…her ridiculous daughters. Orth seems to model her performance after the best female Disney villains, such as Cruella DeVille. — Lisa Millegan Renner, The Modesto Bee